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PT SANSAINE EXINDO handles all the OSP part of Telkom projects which involves all of the physical cabling and supporting infrastructure (such as conduit. cabinets, tower or poles), and any associated hardware located between a demarcation point in a switching facility and a demarcation point in another customer premises.

Project: Radio Split, Fiber Optic Backbone, MSAN, Softswitch

Wireless network is a fast expanding field of telecommunication because the demand of users to mobile is getting higher everyday. Telco company need to maintain the quality of its wireless network (CDMA, GSM, WiMax, etc) to maintain customer satisfaction. In order to do that, PT SANSAINE EXINDO providing Wireless SLA services that will plan, design, monitor & maintain KPI (Key Performance Index) that agreed with Telco to keep their wireless network in top condition.

OSS will help Telco to manage multiple platform from various vendor into one single application to seamless interact with each vendor/technology Network Management System (NMS). The present of OSS also put Telco decision makes more easy to have a bird-eye view of their network that will help them to design and plan future action.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO had delivered OSS solution from Clarity at PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk in 2007 – 2010.

Nowadays, mobile phone not only used to talk or texting (SMS) but also to download and share rich content media (wallpaper, ring tone, video, stocks information.etc). To easily manage multiple source/platform of rich content, a CMS system is need to deploy. PT SANSAINE EXINDO had deployed & maintained Telkom Flexi CMS that manage all rich content media daily transaction. CMS will responsible to manage service provisioning, promotion content, subscriber rules, charging and billing consolidation.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO can provide SAP-based professional staff who are experienced in their field, and also contribute in some project-cycle SAP solutions especially in ERP solutions. SAP modules that PT SANSAINE EXINDO provide are as follows:
– HR
– MM
– PP
– SD

PT SANSAINE EXINDO can provide ERP Solutions with affordable price and professional staff who focused in customizing OpenERP/ODOO to help to implement this ERP solution on your company.

Network infrastructure is part of the IT Datacomm that very vital because it is required to always high in performance and no-downtime. Together with Huawei as the principal of this product, we can provide the best solution for your company’s network infrastructure with high-performance devices both for Local Area or Wide Area Network.