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Some of our projects that have been implemented and maintained on several companies in Indonesia:

TeNOSS (Telkom National Operating Support System) deployed since 2007 by PT SANSAINE EXINDO to help Telkom’s manage its network operation, especially for lnfratel, Multimedia & Telkom Flexi division. TeNOSS consist of pre­integrated network and service management solution providing inventory management, configuration management, order management, fault management, trouble ticket and wholesale customer management across various network technologies. Other new/state of the art technology (e.g.: Next Generation Network-NGN, WIMAX, GPON, etc.) had been Integrated to TeNOSS since the end of 2010.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO deploy and operate Content Management System (CMS) based on Airwide (previously know as FirstHop) Wireless Broker, a comprehensive middleware network element that provides the ability to manage increasing numbers of content providers, services and rich content traffic.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO has implemented and maintained this solution in 2007-2014 at PT TelkomFlexi Jakarta.

Operation and maintenance for Flexi CDMA element that includes:
A. Fault Management with 24 hours Help Desk Support Service, Fault Management Service and Emergency Support Service.
B. Spare Part Management including the Hardware Replacement Service.
C. Network Quality Assurance&Network Performance, which covers maintenance service and also comprehensive evaluation of the network, as a preparation for traffic increase in peak times.
D. Network Performance Improvement including coverage optimization and parameter configuration of BSC & BTS applied in Premium Area.
E. Software Services that cover three categories: Interoperability, Updates and Upgrades.
F. Operations and Maintenance Assistance including Operations and Maintenance Assistance Service and Knowledge Transfer Service.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO implemented Huawei’s softswitch for Telkom in Regional Areas of I, II, Ill & IV. Softswitch Is a central device in a telecommunications network which connects telephone calls from one phone line to another, entirely by means of software running on a computer system. This work was formerly carried out by hardware, with physical switchboards to route the calls.
PT SANSAINE EXINDO supplied Radio Split System and MUX for Telkom to enhance the network capability and to provide a wider range of service to its customer. PT SANSAINE EXINDO installed Huawel Optix RTN 600 Radio Transmission for the project.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO constructed the 1.401 sea Km mega project, with capacity up to 300 Gbps and 6 Landing Points at the cities of Mataram, Sumbawa Besar, Raba, Walngapu and Kupang, and 810 land Km with 15 nodes at the cities of Mataram, Pringgabaya, Newmont, Taliwang, Sumbawa Besar, Ampang, Dompu, Raba, Labuhan Bajo, Ruteng, BaJawa, Ende, Maumere, Waingapu, and Kupang.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO have established cooperation with PT Telkom in the procurement and installation of MSAN ALU and Secondary Access package 1, and procurement and installation agreement of MSAN modernization, and the location of the projects are as follows:

– Regional Division 1 – Sumatra.
– Regional Division 2 – Jakarta.
– Regional Division 3 – West Java.
– Regional Division 4 – Central Java.

The projects have been implemented from 2009 to 2014.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO as a part of SAP Silver Partners also contributed in several SAP projects (especially focus on SAP ERP) for companies in Indonesia:

Project Name : Remedial
Modul Implement SAP : MM,FICO,PP,SD,PM
Duration : Agustus 2012 – Maret 2013

Project Name : Implementation
Modul Implement SAP : MM,FICO,PP,SD,PM
Duration : Agustus 2012 – continues

Project Name : Implementation
Modul Implement SAP : MM,FICO,PP,SD,PM
Duration : Januari 2014 – Desember 2014

Project Name : License

Project Name : License
Company : PT Dirgantara Indonesia

PT SANSAINE EXINDO also provide ERP implementation solutions using OpenERP/ODOO as an alternative for companies who want to use ERP with affordable price. PT SANSAINE EXINDO has implemented this solution:

2013 – 2014 at Capitol Suite Jakarta, using customized OpenERP/ODOO version 7.
2014 – 2015 at PT Atosim Lampung Pelayaran, using customized OpenERP/ODOO version 7.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO has implemented FTTH project for Moratelindo (named Fiberhome Project) with locations are as follows:

– Bogor area of approximately 1877 Homepassed.
– Malang area of approximately 1712 homepassed.

The projects have been implemented in 2013-2014.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO has implemented Project for ICON+, are as follows:

Year 2014:
– Project of SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Java in 2014.

Year 2015:
– Project of GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) Jabodetabek in 2015.
– Migration Project of ICON+ West Java – Central Java area in 2015.

Year 2016:
– Huawei Card Addition on the SDH Backbone Network.
– Procurement of Layer 2 CPE Switches on April – December 2016.
– Procurement of Multiplexer Devices for Activation of PLN P3BS Clear Channel.
– Procurement of Existing OLT PON Card Expansion.

Year 2017:

– Improvement of IP Backbone – Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumatra (Supply FOT TDM).
– Procurement of Huawei regional-wide materials for disruptive spare parts.
– Procurement of All-Regional FOT GPON for disruptive spare parts.
– Procurement of All-Regional SDH for disruptive spare parts.
– Procurement of Layer-2 CPE Switches Repeat Order.
– Procurement of GPON ONT Materials for activation needs.
– Procurement of KHS Layer-3 Switches CPE Support Service.
– Procurement of KHS Layer-3 Switches CPE Support Service for year 2018.
– Procurement of KHS Huawei GPON ONTs.
– Procurement (Materials + Services) of SDH Devices for Clear-Channel Service Activation for PLN SCADA Protection at Palembang SBU.
– Procurement of SDH Devices Activation for PT PLN (Persero).

Year 2018:

– Procurement of Fiber Optic Termination (FOT) Switches and GPONs for 2nd Semester – 2017 All-Regional Disruptiive Spare Parts.
– Procurement of PLN Managed Service Routers – PLN Pusat.
– SDH Improvement of Java – Bali Ring Segment Jakarta – Cilegon.
– Procurement of Layer 3 CPE Switches for disruptive spare parts for End of Year Disruption Warning.
– Huawei Inverter.
– Installation & Material of Optix OSN 1500B for PT. PLN Cawang Activation of PT. PLN Cawang.
– Procurement of KHS PTZ CCTV Materials.
– Procurement of KHS PLN Managed Service Router Level 1,2,3.

Year 2019:

– Procurement of KHS Huawei ONT Material OLT Support.
– Procurement of KHS SCADA Cellular CPE Router for Service Activation.
– Procurement of KHS SDH Devices for PT. PLN (Persero) Service Activation.
– Procurement of KHS 10G Layer-2 CPE Devices.
– Procurement of KHS FO Backup CPE Routers for Year 2019 Service Activation.
– Procurement of OLT POP GPON SBU Jakarta’s Development.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO has implemented Project for BrightPLN Batam, are as follows:

Year 2016:

– Project of Advance Meter Infrastructure (AMI) in 2016.

Year 2017:

– Procurement of SFP (Small Forrm-factor Plugable) Transceiver.
– Procurement of Optical Network Unit (ONU) Devices.
– Advance Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Pilot Project.

Year 2018:

– Procurement of Advance Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Optical Network Terminal (ONT) devices.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO has implemented Project for PLN Disjaya, are as follows:

Year 2018:

– Procurement and Addition of New Bay on scattered GH.
– Procurement of Offline Server Upgrade and Distribution Unit Implementation Portal.
– Procurement and Installation of GSM Routers and Gateway Protocol for RC Media at scattered GD locations.

Year 2019:

– Procurement and installation of IED Meters in scattered Substation of the Eastern Region.
– Procurement and installation of IED Meters in scattered Substation of the West Region.