Our Success Story


PT. Sansaine Exindo provide wide range of services range in communication and IT industry. we offer software customization, system integration, hardware installation and OSP Project like cable and remote equipment survey and data capture.

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How to efficiently manage your IT Environment

in this fast growing IT environment, company need a system to efficiently manage their IT environment...

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The information revolution and globalization has led the 21st century industries to employ shopisticated technology achive maximum productivity, and PT SANSAINE is ready to provide advance and comprehensive solution to support them.

Since it's establish in May 2004, PT. SANSAINE has dedicated itself to become the leader in ICT provider that specialize in Next Generation Network solution, with the belief that network has becoming a platform for all related technologies and the core of customer solution. In 2005, PT. SANSAINE started to work closely with one of the top telecomunication company in Indonesia, PT. Telkom, leading large consortium and trusted handle complex project as a System Integrator and Outsourcing Contractor.

Armed with successfully track record, PT.SANSAINE grew to become a company with over 115 profesional personel and ready to provide more advance technology systems and services for every telecomunication industry accross Indonesia.